Going Mobile in 2010 - Part One, Optimizing Mobile Campaigns


With more high end phones hitting the market and marketers
wondering how to best connect with consumers on their phones, we wanted
to give you a few best practices for targeting high end mobile devices.
Today we'll be giving you a few tips for optimizing mobile campaigns.

both mobile and desktop search campaigns use similar best practices,
the way we search and browse the web on our mobile phones is slightly
different than on our computers. Separating mobile and desktop
campaigns and optimizing for performance on each platform will drive
greater success for your clients intigrated marketing strategies.

1. Reporting & Tracking

Device and Click Type reporting to figure out exactly what is and is
not working in your mobile search campaigns. Just like with desktop
search, you can (and should) bid according to what is sending traffic
to your site and what converts best. Pulling out high performing
keywords and placing them into a separate mobile campaign can help
drive additional traffic in a growing market.

(Example data. Click here to view image)

holds true for placements and the mobile content network as well. When
running a Placement Performance Report for mobile phones, take special
note of the Ad Sense for Mobile Apps category of placements (they will
show up as adsenseformobileapps.com in the report). You can drill down
to the specific URL and gain insight into what apps you should continue
to target and which ones you should exclude.

2. Keywords & Ad Text

on high-end mobile devices average around 2.9 words (and only 2.4 on
WAP phones). When expanding desktop search campaigns to mobile and/or
adding new keywords to your mobile campaigns, keep in mind how people
search on their phones. While desktop campaigns may benefit from "long
tail", 4- to 5- word keyword phrases, you may want to consider shorter,
more general, and location specific searches for mobile phones.

example, a college student in Boston may search for "Pizza near Union
Square in Boston" from their dorm room, but would only search "Boston
Pizza" from their mobile phones.

3. Take advantage of what's mobile

the past few months we've launched several mobile specific ad formats
like click-to-download, click-to-call, and mobile coupons in the Local
Business Center. Think about what unique advantages and messaging a
mobile campaign allows and reach your customers at every point of their

For more mobile tips and resources, visit the Google Mobile Ads site.

In addition, check back next week for the next installment of 'Going Mobile in 2010.'


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