Experience Data

For many, data can be daunting, involving endless number crunching and analysis. As confusing or overwhelming as data may be, it can also be powerful.

At Google, we get pretty excited about data and are always thinking of new ways to present it. Data can read simply, like the year-end roll-up presented in our Zeitgeist 2009 report or it can be geographical, such as the information presented via Google Flu Trends.

Recently, we developed a series of videos to illustrate several Google products, including search, DoubleClick for Advertisers and the Google Content Network. The dynamic visuals in the videos use light, colors, and movement to present data as experience.
  • To create the search video, a bunch of Googlers sifted through Google Trends on a Friday afternoon to aggregate the top queries over a year-long period. Try it one day. We promise you'll be amused and surprised.
  • To measure the success of a display campaign, a marketer needs benchmarks to compare campaign results against. Using data from our ad serving tool, DoubleClick for Advertisers, the DoubleClick video illustrates the relationship between click-through-rate (CTR) and creative size. The colorful blocks help bring the comparisons to life, illustrating the click-through-rate (CTR) by height and depth.
  • For the Google Content Network visualization, we highlight the always-on nature of U.S. impressions. As the sun rises and sets over the country, the mesmerizing imagery conveys performance at scale.
You can view all of the videos here:

Sit back, relax and experience the data.

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