Get your pages discovered with SU Badges

How it works

Placing StumbleUpon’s new Dynamic Badges across your site enables StumbleUpon members to more easily discover, rate, review and share your content – generating more views from other users with similar interests.  As Supaswag says via Twitter: "I got 13,414 visits to our US road trip blog just from StumbleUpon in the last week!"

How do pages get submitted?

All pages are manually discovered and submitted by StumbleUpon’s community of users; we don't crawl the web. Our new Dynamic Badges are a free way to enable your visitors to quickly and easily discover and rate your content in StumbleUpon, increasing your content's viral potential.

Once a page has been discovered, the cumulative number of Stumbles will be displayed in the badge in real-time.  Aside from the incremental traffic benefit, a large number of Stumbles is a compelling testimonial to visitors that your content has been validated by StumbleUpon’s community of discerning users.

How to add the Badge

StumbleUpon's badges are easy to add in 3 simple steps. Visit our Badges page, select the graphic you like best, choose site or blog platform, then follow the instructions to add the provided code to your site. Voila! You're done!

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