Twilight stars rock in The Runaways

Good news for Twilight fans. As well as the third instalment of the vampire saga which is out later this year, there will be another chance to catch some of its stars thanks to new film The Runaways.,225
Based on the real story of the teenage all-girl group of the same name, it sees Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning playing rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.
"This is different for me most of all because it's playing a real person and actually real life things that actually happened," said 15-year-old Dakota, who starred as Jane in New Moon.
Kristen meanwhile, said her decision to do the movie had nothing to do with trying to break free of her tween image: "I choose things for reasons that I don't even know. For some reason I really feel something more for this particular thing. It wasn't like I was thinking 'Oh, I really want to do something edgy because I had been doing "Twilight."
The real Joan Jett acted as executive producer on the indie feature, which is being hotly tipped at The Sundance Film Festival.
She said: "I always knew The Runaways was a great idea and that I thought we were an awesome band then," said Jett. "And I was shocked when people didn't get it. But yeah, I'm pleasantly overwhelmed at all the buzz on it. It's really great."

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