New Theme: monochrome

Sleek, and bursting with elegance, I’m happy to bring you monochrome, another addition to the wonderful collection of themes available on monochrome is a beautiful theme with wonderful details.

monochrome, the theme, in action.
The name comes from the theme’s monochromatic color palette. Beautiful and sleek, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this theme shine.
metadata, sub-menus, and the search Box
The headers and dates are uniquely styled. The menu shows sub pages, with a nice smooth animation as well. And don’t forget the custom search box widget styled up with rounded corners.
Want to check out monochrome? Just login to your blog and click on Appearance -> Themes in the sidebar. Preview the theme and if you like it, activate it.
If you are a user, please check out monochrome on the .org Theme Repository

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