McAfee chief eyes $1bn SME business

McAfees chief executive is pinning his hopes for continued double-digit growth on the SME and mid-market. Skip related content
Talking to CRN in London today, Dave DeWalt said he wanted to grow sales from the 10-1,000-seat market past the $1bn mark "within a few years" - matching the scale of its much larger corporate and consumer businesses.
We have a $1bn consumer business and a more than $1bn enterprise business, whereas the small and mid-market is much smaller at just a few hundred million, he said. Our goal is to really grow that, and to do so we need to invest in our channel partnerships, alliances and go-to-market model.
McAfee has recorded 15 straight quarters of double-digit growth, but DeWalt admitted the firm must lavish more attention on the lower end of the business market to ensure that streak continues.
He claimed McAfee now boasts a viable SME portfolio, having recently acquired several SME-centric outfits, including cloud-based outfit MX Logic.
A major investment into telemarketing, telesales and telesupport has also been made to support partners targeting SMEs, he said.
In EMEA, McAfee recently brought telesupport in-house and its new call centre in Cork has been operational for 30 days.
The reason we are building a major operation in Cork is to drive more leads and create more opportunities for our channel, DeWalt said. I have learned over the last few quarters that this recipe works very well. In America, we did the same thing in Texas, where we built a large tele-operation. this has had an amazing effect on the channel.

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