Deloitte outlines priorities for CIOs in year ahead

Chief information officers (CIOs) should be actively managing supplier relationships in 2010 if they want to get the best from outsourcing deals, according to a Deloitte report. Skip related content
The report, called Top Ten Challenges for CIOs in 2010, also outlines new technologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation which allow firms to improve performance while keeping costs down.
"Cloud-based services offer the ability to flex service capacity and replace capital expenditure with operating expenditure," it says.
Recognising and promoting IT talent internally is vital to creating a successful department in the long term and CIOs should also be prepared to promote themselves to gain the ear of senior mangament, some of whom may not recognise the potential for IT to transform the business.
The report also says CIOs should look at flexible working, particularly delivering applications to mobile devices, and embrace social media technology.
And with cost reduction an ongoing focus, 2010 could be the time to introduce an IT refresh to reduce overheads and the firm's carbon footprint.
"With out-of-support application and energy costs rising, now is the time to review, rationalise and refresh the legacy in order to reduce overheads and maximise value for money," the report says.

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