New Theme: Dark Wood

Go against the grain with “Dark Wood,” an eye-catching and playful theme. Bright colors and whimsical icons fuse with dark tones to provide a pleasing and harmonious design. Dark Wood is a three column theme with a rich wood textured background.
Dark Wood
When you’re looking for a theme with some serious character, Dark Wood could definitely be the one. Bright links and header icons give the design some real spice, complemented with a whimsical background.
Dark Wood doesn’t leave out the extras either. There are two sidebars that can be packed with widgets and the search box comes styled nicely to match the design.
Dark Wood's Sidebars
Dark Wood will provide a pleasing and harmonious backdrop for your blog. Give it a spin and see how you like it.
Dark Wood is available for all sites and is available for users over at the Theme Directory.
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