Romantic Tales from the News Feed

As part of our "Your Stories" series on different ways Facebook is used around the world, we are featuring stories in celebration of Valentine's Day this Sunday from people who found love and nurtured romances on Facebook. If you have a story you'd like to share with us, please submit it here.

Love on the Wall

After an unexpected divorce, Jenece Whitted was discouraged by the prospect of finding love again. She decided in February 2009 to post a status update on Facebook voicing her frustration with the "game" of dating, and she was surprised when an old friend from elementary school, Adam, commented in agreement. The two began chatting on Facebook, discussing Adam's talent as a comics artist and which strips he thought were appropriate for Jenece's 7-year-old son.
The finale from Adam's comic.
Chatting soon led to texting, which led to talking on the phone, and before a week had passed Adam had booked a flight from California to Arizona to visit. It was love at first sight for Jenece, as well as her two sons, who were thrilled with Adam's knowledge of Star Wars and Super-Heroes. Adam moved to Arizona at the end of May, and in September he found a unique way to pop the question.

"I woke up in the morning and checked Facebook like I always do," said Jenece, who noticed a new picture on Adam's Wall. "I clicked on it, thinking he had just drawn another comic."

This was no ordinary picture, though; it was Adam's proposal.

"I read it and when I turned to look at him he had the ring out…it was so sweet," recalls Jenece. "He is definitely one in a million!"

The two are planning a June 2010 wedding.

High School Reunion

After his wife of 33 years passed away in January 2009, Mike Sullivan joined Facebook hoping to reconnect with old running buddies and friends who could help him overcome his grief. Little did he know that he would find more than friendship.

After recognizing a woman he went to high school with, named Terri, Mike began exchanging messages with her on Facebook about old memories and their lives since high school. Terri, who had been divorced for four years, lived in a town only about three hours from Mike, and one day they agreed to meet halfway in Ranger, Texas.
Terri and Mike
"We sat in my truck for about five hours talking about old times, looking at the high school annuals she brought," Mike said. "When we decided it was time for us to go, I kissed her and knew there was a very special connection between us. I smiled all the way back home."

Today, Mike credits Terri with helping him cope from the loss of his wife, saying he would have had a much harder time without her there for support. It will be even easier for Mike to be by Terri's side in March, when he plans to move to her town and begin a new job. For this couple, there is a lot to look forward to this Valentine's Day.

Fire Drill Romance

On the evening of Nov. 6, 2008, Kate Lovett was in the middle of a theology exam at Brigham Young University. Suddenly, the fire alarms sounded, requiring her and the entire testing center to evacuate.

Though the timing was less than ideal, Kate's misfortune was lessened when she met a handsome stranger during the drill—a fellow student whose transportation engineering exam also was interrupted. When everyone returned indoors, Kate parted ways with her new acquaintance.
Kate and Alexander
"I knew I wanted to get to know him better, but all I had was his first name, hometown and major," she said.

To Kate's delight and surprise, she was able to find him on Facebook immediately after her exam ended. Although Kate checked out his profile, she didn't attempt to connect with him further until several months later. She finally sent him a Facebook message asking him to go to lunch the following day. Thankfully, he agreed, and the two began dating soon afterward.

Kate is happy to say that because of Facebook, and a pesky fire alarm, she can now call that handsome engineering student her husband.

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