It's Valentine's Day!

Today is February 14th, a day that millions of people have either been eagerly awaiting or much, much less eagerly expecting for months. Love it or hate it, it's Valentine's Day, a day for couples in countries around the world to break out the romance and show each other just how much they really care.

Flowers will be exchanged, candlelit dinners will be shared, and sweet nothings will be whispered in quite a few ears -- in short, love will most definitely be in the air. Love has also made its way over to orkut, where you can use the Be My Valentine app to share your feelings, or join a community especially created for other romantics excited about the day.

Not feeling quite so sentimental today? Don't worry, you're not alone! Check out this community of people who're single on Valentine's Day and proud of it.

Either with your friends or with your soul mate, we hope you enjoy the day!

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