Free PDF Printer for Digital Inspiration Readers

novaPDF is a PDF printer driver that allows you create PDF documents from virtually any Windows program. You may use the software to convert web pages, emails, Office documents and any other file into the PDF format by simply selecting the “Print” command from the associated application. PDF Printer Driver for Windows
There are a couple of reasons why you want to install the novaPDF driver on your system. For instance, it can automatically append the PDF output to an existing PDF file — this comes quite handy when need to collection snippets from multiple web pages / documents into a single PDF file.
If you intend to share PDF documents on the web, you’ll find novaPDF useful since it lets you add meta information (like title, subject, etc.) to PDFs that will ultimately help in improving the search rankings (SEO) of your PDFs. The generates PDFs have embedded fonts so they will look the same everywhere even if the fonts are missing on the other computer.
PDF SEO PDF Print Profiles Embed Fonts in PDF
novaPDF works with all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows including XP and Windows 7. Unlike other free PDF printers, novaPDF offers a standalone installer so you don’t have to install extra software (like GhostScript or the .NET Framework) for generating PDFs.
How to get novaPDF PDF Printer for Free
Here’s how Digital Inspiration readers can receive a free license of novaPDF:
1. Go to this page and request a license key for the software.
2. Once you receive the registration details via email, download the installer from [direct link to .exe file] and install the application.
3. When the setup has completed, you will have a printer called novaPDF in the Devices and Printers page (or ‘Printers and Faxes’ window depending on your Windows version).
You can now access this PDF printer directly from the Print menu of any Windows application that supports the Print feature.

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