Working with Support

How to get the most out of our support service

In addition to the DFP Help Center and Learn Center, our support teams are a great resource if you ever need that extra helping hand to resolve an issue in DFP. There are lots of ways of contacting support and this can be done online, by email or over the phone. So that you can get the most out of DFP support, here is some handy information.

Tell us everything

We're sure that you want the quickest possible resolution to your case - and we aim to provide exactly that. This is why it is important that when you contact support, you provide as much information as possible on the initial submission of the case. Not doing so will likely delay your case as we will need to request the missing information in our response. So what should you ideally provide support when you submit your case? Here are some examples:

Issue: Ad is not showing as expected
- Provide the Ad ID(s) of the ad/s in question

- Give us the target URL to where you expect the ad to show
- Provide a detailed description of the expected behavior you are not seeing
- Tell us the browsers and operating systems you've tested it in

Issue: Reporting discrepancy
- The original reports from DFP and the Third Party, broken down day-by-day
- Provide relevant Ad IDs and target URLs
- Date ranges of the discrepancy

Issue: Clicks or impressions are not tracking correctly
- What expected behavior are you not seeing?
- Provide the Ad ID(s), Creative ID(s)
- Target URL(s) where ad is expected to appear
- Name of 3rd party tracking program (if applicable)
- Intended 3rd party tracking URL

Be ready to Engage

When you log a case with support, it's opening a request to solve a problem that you face. As we want to help you as quickly as possible, we ask that you are ready to work on the issue with us, and respond to any inquiries about the case in a timely manner. We want to work with you to make sure the problem is resolved, and so when the solution is provided, we kindly ask that you confirm closure of case so we can continue to service you quickly on new cases that arrive.


When you submit a case (be it online, via email or telephone), you need to tell us the priority of the case. It is important that you prioritise correctly so that our representatives can deal with all requests in the most efficient way for all of our clients. This table should help you decide the correct priority of your case:

Extra information

Specify priority in the subject line of an email
Did you know you can specify the priority of a case when submitting by email? All emailed cases arrive as P3, but if you put the priority code in the subject line of the email, e.g. P2, this will automatically raise your case to the priority you have selected.

Open all hours
We offer support around the clock for P1 issues and our European team is available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT) Monday to Friday. On the weekends, our support team in the US attends to only critical or P1 cases.

To call or not to call?
We think it is best to submit your case via email or online - this is so that you can include all the necessary information before submitting it such as tags and screen grabs. However, if you prefer to telephone us, you can reach us on: +353 1 543 0100. Calls outside of our opening hours will be routed to our support representatives in the US or APAC.


So remember - next time you call your friendly support team, please prioritise your case and provide us as much information as possible so we can help resolve your issue quickly. Thank you for reading!

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