WordPress.com: Now on HootSuite

Last month we introduced new ways to post and keep up to date with WordPress.com blogs through the Twitter API. One of the coolest parts about this is you can make use of a growing number of microblogging apps to publish to your WordPress.com blog.
Today our friends at HootSuite announced their support of WordPress.com. HootSuite is an easy to use microblogging tool that lets you post updates to many different social networks. WordPress.com is the first blogging platform they’re officially supporting.

You can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress.com blogs (posting to self-hosted WordPress blogs isn’t available yet). You can also set up a Home Feed for blogs you’re following, and reblog posts that you like. Check out the tutorial video HootSuite’s put together to see how easy it is to get going.

For even more apps, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Firefox flavors, we created an apps for WordPress.com directory that we’ll keep updated with new ways to get your blog on. Enjoy!

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