Web Analytics TV with Avinash and Nick

This is the fourth video in our recent Rapid Fire series which we are now calling Web Analytics TV. In this series you share your most burning questions via the Google Analytics Google Moderator site and we answer them.

Here's the list of last week's questions. We enjoy hearing from you, so please keep the questions coming. Like the hosts Click and Clack from a long-standing radio show called CarTalk, who will answer any car question that exists, we'd love to do the same for web analytics. Call us Data and Point? Hm. Click and Clack is catchier. If you can think of a name let us know. But please, ask any question related to web analytics. Tools. HiPPO's. Reporting tips. Challenges. All are fair game, so ask away.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Tracking social media referrals in Google Analytics
  • Why do I see clicks with 0 visits in Google Analytics keyword reports
  • Does sharing data with Google Analytics have an impact on Organic Search rankings?
  • How to track Google custom site search engines in Google Analytics
  • In keyword reports how to change '+' characters into whitespaces
  • How advanced profile filters work
  • Best practices for reporting user "engagement"
  • What insights can you gain from the content drilldown report
  • How can one change the cookie duration of visits
  • How does one become excellent at web analytics

Here are links to resources we discussed in the video:
We'd love to hear your comments or questions in the comments section below, and let us know if you find this helpful.

Also, if you have a question you would like us to answer, please submit a question or vote for your favorite question in our public Google Moderator site. Avinash and I will answer your latest questions in a couple of weeks with yet another entertaining video. Thanks!

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