Vox Importer

Thinking of moving your blog from Vox.com to WordPress.com? You are not alone.
We’ve noticed that several people are dissatisfied with the service and want to move their blog elsewhere. A lot of people that we’ve heard from say they didn’t realize that there is no way to export from Vox and are looking for a solution.
Vox users have at least one option now: create a free blog here at WordPress.com, then import your Vox blog. (And never be locked in again — we make your data as free as possible.)
After logging into your WordPress.com Dashboard, click on Tools -> Import.
Click on the Vox importer.
Type in your Vox host name, user name, and password and click the Submit button.

The importer will first validate your user name and password. After starting the importer, you can sit back and watch the status counters tick away.

You can also safely leave the importer page or close your browser. The importer will keep running.
Currently, the importer can import posts, tags, comments, and image attachments.
We will send you an email when the import is finished. Easy peasy!

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