Track Cost Per Call Data Through Google TV Ads

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Advertisers can now automatically receive cost-per-call data through Google TV Ads for television campaigns that utilize Google supplied toll-free phone numbers. This free new feature is designed to give TV advertisers access to richer performance data which allows more effective optimization based on real-time call data.

The system tracks incoming calls and matches each call down to the network, daypart and even program level. Advertisers will find these metrics in their campaign 'Targets' tab which reports data like "Live Inquiries," "Drag Inquiries" (calls that come in a significant time after an ad has aired) and cost-per-inquiry. Our system takes into account the number of impressions, network, and time of day for each ad to help match calls as accurately as possible. In addition, the algorithm has been designed to predict call response with increasing accuracy as it learns from your data over time.

To get started right away, log into AdWords, create a TV campaign and sign-up for free 866 phone numbers in the 'phone numbers' tab of your campaign. Then, designate which ad creative corresponds to which telephone number in the 'Ads' tab of your campaign.

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That's it! Within a few hours, advertisers will see data appearing in the cost-per-Inquiry columns in the 'Targets' tab of each campaign. This feature should allow advertisers to drive even better results with TV advertising.

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