Replying to Comments through Email

One of the easiest ways to stay updated on relevant conversations happening on Facebook is through email notifications, which inform you about comments made on the posts you've created or commented on. These notifications—for comments on such content as status updates, photos, videos and Wall posts—allow you to stay informed about your Facebook friends' activities without being logged in when you're on the go, on your phone or at work.

Today, we're launching the ability for you to participate in these conversations by replying directly to these email notifications. When you receive an email notification about comments, you can just click "Reply" and start typing a comment at the top of the email. Then hit "Send" from your email and your reply will automatically be added as a comment on Facebook without you having to even log in.

If you aren't currently receiving email notifications for comments, be sure to check out your Account Settings. From the Notifications tab, you can choose to receive email notifications when people comment on posts and content, as well as for many other common Facebook activities.

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