Obama's State of the Union: Immigration? Gays in the military?

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs confirmed a few more subjects that may surface in the State of the Union tomorrow night, including immigration and gays in the military -- but he provided few details and noted that the address is still being worked through.
"Let's wait for tomorrow's speech," Gibbs said.
The spokesman did say Obama would mention immigration but it's up to Congress to get the ball rolling on legislation. "We've started a process on this," Gibbs said, and if Congress can put together "a coalition to get the way forward, then it's something we'll work through."
Gibbs had little to say on the Clinton-era "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding gays in the military. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said this week that the White House asked him to postpone a hearing on Don't Ask, Don't Tell until after the president's address.
As for tone, expect the president to be "feisty" at times, Gibbs said. "I don't doubt that at times he's going to believe that while Washington may not want to make progress in certain ways that Washington has to be pushed to make that progress," he said, "whether that's health care reform or cutting our budget."
"He looks at the State of the Union as a time in which to update the American people on what's been done and where we go from here, going forward," Gibbs said. "This is not about him; this is about what we have to do, going forward, for the American people."

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