New countries, new countrysides in Street View

When people visit the UK, they often head for the often the historic buildings that are dotted all over the country. Whether well preserved ruins or perfectly complete, these buildings and landscapes evoke scenes from classic novels and famous period movies.

Now, even without a tightly laced bodice or a top hat you can take yourself on a tour of some of these remarkable places in
Street View and take a trip back in time.

Thanks to the
National Trust - a charity with a love for preserving historic places and spaces across England, Wales and Northern Ireland - our Trike riders were given access to a whole host of beautiful places up and down the country. Last summer (fortunately able to ride this modern technological marvel wearing Google T-shirts, rather than chainmaill and medieval boots) they pedalled around a collection of the National Trust's iconic castles, country houses and outstanding landscapes, all 20 of which can be viewed here on our special guide.

Locations include iconic sites such as Corfe Castle in Dorset, Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, Plas Newydd in Wales and Downhill Demesne in Northern Ireland. Others include Lyme Park (where
Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy was filmed) and Castle Drogo, the last castle built in England.

Lyme Park

We hope you enjoy this combination of hundreds of years of history with our newest, quirkiest mapping technology.

Fountain's Abbey

But course that's not all you can find to explore today - we're also announcing two new countries where Street View is available: Sweden and Denmark, two countries with their own share of beautiful historic landmarks.

Let's take a stroll past Copenhagen Townhall:
Now let's head to Denmark and visit the home of Hans Christian Anderson:

In Taiwan and Italy, you'll find areas with new imagery as well. Our trike riders have also been pedaling around the United States. You can now visit all of the exotic creatures found at the San Diego Zoo:

If seeing a giraffe habitat isn't right up your alley, you can also see the home of the Nittany Lions -- the campus of Penn State, including its stadium, received a visit from the trike:

We've also added the University of Pennsylvania, and several theme parks including Busch Gardens, Sesame Place, and Water Country USA.

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