hi5 President, Alex St. John, to speak at DiscoveryBeat

Alex St. John, hi5's President and CTO will be speaking at DiscoveryBeat on Tuesday, December 8 at 5:40 PM.  The event, being held in San Francisco at the Automattic Lounge in Pier 38, will feature industry experts from social gaming and entertainment discussing the "secret recipe" for application discovery and success.

Alex will join a panel discussion titled "Discovery 3.0: Bringing in the big guys" -- a description of which follows:

Established video game companies and entertainment giants are eyeing the social networking and mobile platforms as a source of future growth. For success, the big guys need to apply the secret ingredients in different proportions.
  • How much should they invest in these areas, and how should they do it?
  • Which kinds of partners should they recruit? Which business models are the best?
  • Who has made the transition already?
  • What's the right mix of social networking, marketing, analytical measurement, advertising and web design ingredients they should apply?
  • Jon Vlassopulos (CEO, Moderati - maker of the virtual light Zippo iPhone app)
  • Alex St. John (President & CTO, hi5)
  • Michael Chang (Founder & CEO, Greystripe)
  • Lisa Marino (VP Sales, RockYou)
  • Moderator: Roy Bahat (President, IGN Entertainment)

Additional speakers and panelists in this afternoon event include: Randy Angle, Director of Game Design, SGN; Julian Farrior, CEO, Backflip Studios; Ge Wang, Co-Founder, CTO & COO, Smule; Peter Farago, VP Marketing, Flurry; Sebastien De Halleux, COO, Playfish; John Pleasants, CEO, Playdom; Roy Sehgal, GM, Zynga & Executive Producer of Cafe World game; and Neil Young, Founder & CEO, ngmoco.

More details about the event and the agenda are available on VentureBeat's site at http://events.venturebeat.com/discoverybeat2009/  Limited spaces are still available via online registration.

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