Google’s New Office – Stockholm, Sweden
Merry Christmas Eve! Today, we are lucky enough to be bringing something brand new to the internet. Pictures from inside of Google’s newest office space in Stockholm, Sweden. This new space was designed by Swedish Architecture firm, Camenzind Evolution, the designers of the now famous Google Zurich Office. See ALL Google offices here.
When beginning to design the office, it was learned that the employees wished to maintain a small-company atmosphere and leave a Swedish fingerprint on the space, all while combining several Swedish offices into a centralized location for engineers and the marketing and sales divisions.
The office is filled with everything we know to be Google, though with a bit less of the very extravagant elements the Zurich space contained. The conference rooms are themed with famous Swedish inventors like Linne, Ericsson, Nobel, and Bohlin. Several of the other rooms have unique themes as well. Google just seems like a fun company to work for, and this office doesn’t change that belief in the slightest. Plenty of places to play on different games, a great looking kitchen area, and of course many places to lounge make this Google office one of the best. And naturally, this branch of Google pays employees with meatballs.

(click images to enlarge, left/right to navigate)

IMAGE CREDIT: Images sent our way by Stefan Camenzind, Photos snapped by Bruno Ehrs. Please link to us if you use any images.

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