Google Pledges $1 Million To Haiti Relief Efforts, Bing & Yahoo Add Donation Info

As real-time searches for information on the Haiti earthquake disaster have bombarded Twitter, Facebook, as well as mainstream media websites and the search engines themselves, each of the major search engines have responded by linking information about disaster relief efforts from their homepages.
Google has created the Google Crisis Response page, on which they pledged: “Google will also donate $1 million to help organizations provide relief.”
They have provided an easy way to donate to UNICEF and CARE via Google checkout, as well as providing updated imagery from Google Earth and additional information. You can also read the blog (philanthropy arm of Google) to learn more about their efforts.
Yahoo has created a special logo appearing sitewide:

Which sends users to the Network for Good donation website.
From the homepage, they have linked to a growing list of charitable organizations by MSNBC - Haiti Earthquake: How to Help. has also created a set of search results from its homepage featured question: How can I help Haiti?

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