Found something interesting on the internet? Share it on orkut!

We're happy to announce the launch of a great new way for you to share with your friends interesting content that you read on the web -- the 'orkut share' bookmarklet for internet browsers.

To quickly install this bookmarklet in any browser, just visit the 'orkut share' installation page. In a few seconds you'll be all set.

Then, when you find something cool on the internet, just click the bookmarklet and share a snippet and a link to the webpage with your friends on orkut. You'll also have an option to create a promotion (using 'orkut promote') to better spread the word about that content.

Your friends will see a link to the page you shared and your comments about it in their 'friends updates' section. They'll also be able to comment on it:

Web publishers and bloggers can also post 'orkut share' buttons (like the one at the end of this post) on their pages to enable their visitors to share content they find interesting on the site with their friends on orkut. If you run a blog or a website, try our code generator or visit the API documentation for more details.

So spread the word and have fun sharing!

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