Find Street Names on Google Maps That Have Your Name

If you are a girl and your first name is Elizabeth, you’ll find the following Google Map interesting as it marks all the street names and roads in North America that have the same name as you. You can also view this data inside Google Earth.
Street Names for Elizabeth
And here’s a similar Google Map highlighting streets that have the word “Michael” in their names.
Street Names on Google Maps for Michael

Create a Google Street Map with your Name

If you would like to know which all streets and roads in America have the same name as you, check this public database of name of boys and girls at Weather Salad.
Alternatively, you may use the following direct URLs – just replace YOUR_NAME with your first name:
For streets with boy names (e.g., Jacob, Wilson, Alexander or Harrison)
For streets with girl names (e.g., Ashley, Sharon, Vanessa or Catherine)
You can currently find details of around 2000 most common first names of boys and girls according to the social security database. Thanks Ambuj for the tip

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