A Complete List of Verified Twitter Accounts

If you see a blue verified seal on any Twitter page, it is sort of a confirmation from the Twitter staff that the account is real and doesn’t belong to any impersonator.

Though any Twitter user can put a request to get their account verified, Twitter has so-far only verified accounts of celebrities and other well-known users. For instance, this screenshot has a list of all technology related people whose Twitter accounts have been “verified.”

List of Twitter Verified Accounts

If you like to see a complete list of verified accounts on Twitter, check the friends list of @verified. When they verify a new account, the @verified bot starts following that person (or brand) and thus we know that only 0.002% of Twitters users* enjoy the “verified” status.
[*] The total number of Twitter users is estimated at 60 million while only 1,224 accounts are verified.
These verified accounts are organized in Twitter lists making it easier for you to follow them all with a click. Surprising, the accounts of both Twitter founders – @ev and @biz – aren’t verified yet.

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