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1. FLASH DJ -show your talent and be the best DJ.

2. PLAY THE DRUMS -U are given a set of drums,just hit them.

3. TURKEY SHOOTER -just an another shooting game.Hit the turkeys before they hit u.

4. BUGGING -A song sung by a BUG just to bug u.

5. ACNE - A nasty flash,check it by yourself.

6. DANCE - very funny one.Just type your name when the flash loads and check out the performance.

7. BUBBLE WRAP -Wrap as many plastic bubbles as you can.



10. BABY QUEEN -VERY GOOD ONE.Bunch of babies singing abt their problems when they are out of diapers

11. EUROPE AND ITALY -Very humorously showing the difference between europeans and italians.

12. ILLUSION -A never ending Illusion.

13. KITTEN SHOOT -have a Shooting practice


15. HOLES -A very good game for passing on the time

16. CAT

17. MINIPUTT -A very good golf game.

18. PENGUIN -Another flash game for passing the time.


20. ROCK BAND -Play your own rock band

21. RAP

22. SEE IT - See what your computer Iconsdo when you are not home.

23. SMOKE KILLS -VERY GOOD ONE..I love this.

24. FIETS -Another flash game.

25. SNAKE -A new version of the classic snake game.


27. COOL ONE -Play the video after it gets loaded..U’ll love this.

Most annoying webpage in the internet : click here

The real person behind Bush : click here

Make your own error message: click here

FOR all those who love the game SCRIBBLER: click here

A small challenge for all your senses.just check it out once: click here

For all those of you who are interested in knowing about your past life: click here

wanna write a letter with blood and send it to someone?? : click here

Check your hand to eye co ordination : click here

ringtones only kids can hear : click here

A very good creative clock : click here

Check Your Age On Other PLanets :click here

A complete test of your IQ(intelligent quotient):click here

Another of these insane(but nice) tests! If So you died (it’s okay, it happens). This survey will tell you approximately how much your body would sell for : click here

See this crazy website that pays you to sell your “soul” to them : click here

Know about ur personality based on a simple drawing test : click here

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