Make free calls to your friends and family living in United states,Canada and UK.

Hey guys I have found a couple of websites that allow you to make free phone calls to the people in United states and Canada and the best thing is that the number of calls you are allowed to make are unlimited.Well as you google about making free calls to phones using your pc,a bunch of results pop up.Most of them needs you to install their software for making free calls like the software from and etc….There are some other websites which allow you to make calls without installing any software like and

Here are the websites:


Allows you to call to any country,but the calls you can make are limited.For more details visit the website.


Allows you to make free calls to US and canada.Calls you can make are unlimited.But every call will be cut after 15minutes.For more details visit the website.


Allows you to make free calls to UK,China,Singapore,Australia,US,Canada,But you have to install their software.For more details visit the website.

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